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SOS Children’s Villages Albania is a non-governmental organization founded in 1995, and an active member of the international umbrella organization of SOS Kinderdorf International, which includes 136 independent national associations. SOS Children’s Villages Albania is committed to ensure that all children in need have quality care, as their basic right. Thanks to the support of international and local partners, companies and individuals that engage in our mission, we carry out the promise that every child grows up in a stable and loving family, as part of a community that supports them.

We believe that no child should grow up alone and that every child should live in a stable and caring family as part of a supportive community. This gives them an opportunity to simply be a child. When children grow up “alone”, without the love and support of a parent or another stable caregiver, they face a greater risk of discrimination, neglect, abuse and abandonment. They are more likely to be deprived of opportunities to learn, mature and develop life skills, and so they find it more difficult to become contributing members of society.

But we can turn this situation around.

Children growing up in a stable and caring family in a supportive community have a greater chance to realize their full potential and lead an independent life. They can better develop basic life skills such as communication, cooperation, problem-solving and setting personal goals. They also build self-confidence, determination and resilience. Their caregivers ensure they attend school and access relevant healthcare services. Children are also better able to develop social networks, which can be a source of support in everyday life. Ultimately, they have healthy relationships, find decent jobs and transform their communities for the better.

Our work is guided by three very important international frameworks, which are directly related to children:

1. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), adopted in 1989, sets out the rights that belong to children in every aspect of their lives. It asserts that a loving and protective family is essential to a child’s development. Almost every country in the world, including Albania, has signed this convention.

2. The United Nations Guidelines on Alternative Care, adopted in 2009, provide a framework to enable governments to fulfill the right of the child to quality care in their families of origin and to alternative care. Their principles state that alternative care should be both necessary and appropriate, and emphasize that children need constant and safe attachment to a caregiver. The guidelines also emphasize the importance of promoting parental care and preventing family separation.

3. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are another important framework of our work. Adopted in 2015 and valid until 2030, they are accompanied by a call “not to neglect anyone”. Our daily work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on our target group, which includes:

  • improving national social protection systems
  • the fight against inequalities
  • promoting access to quality education
  • strengthening youth employment
  • ending violence against children

We have a wealth of experience based on four principles in caring for children. With these principles as a foundation, people around the world drive positive change and ensure that many more children grow up in a loving family. In today’s context these four principles have evolved into the following.




We commit to create a safe environment for children in all our programmes at all times by implementing child safeguarding measures and procedures in line with our child protection policy, international standards and best practices. We also insist that our partners do the same

We listen to children to understand what child safety and a safe environment mean for them in their day to-day lives with their families, peers, caregivers and communities. We take children’s views seriously and consider their inputs when planning and implementing child safeguarding measures.

We design prevention and awareness measures to equip children, parents, caregivers, educators, families of origin and community members with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect children against dangerous, risky, violent and abusive situations.
We regularly perform internal and external child safeguarding audits, in line with accepted international standards as promoted and audited by Keeping Children Safe.
We define clear expectations and responsibilities for child safeguarding and establish reporting and whistleblowing mechanisms, which enable children, staff and other stakeholders to raise concerns and make complaints. We respond quickly and effectively through clearly defined procedures. This includes reporting to the responsible authorities whenever appropriate. We provide support and counselling to the affected children based on their individual needs.
Furthermore, within communities we advocate that neglect and abuse be recognized as unacceptable. We also strengthen existing community- based child safeguarding systems for our target group.

SOS Children’s Villages Albania is committed to prevent child abuse and neglect whenever it can and to respond quickly and appropriately when a concern arises. SOS Children’s Villages Albania aims to ensure appropriate responses and effective management of child safeguarding (CS) concerns at programme and national level. The MA assigned co-workers in all programmes and the national office to whom CS incidents can be reported:
The members of Child Safeguarding team at CV programme Tirana to whom you can report a child safeguarding concern are:

  1. Mimoza Manaj – [email protected]
  2. Bahrije Hadroj- [email protected]
  3. Arnita Ponari – [email protected]

The members of Child safeguarding team at National level to whom you can report a child safeguarding concern are:

  1. Teuta Shkenza- [email protected]
  2. Adela Maci ( Sefa) – [email protected]
  3. Orinda Shehu- [email protected]
  4. Destemona Toptani- [email protected]

You can also report a concern in the SOS CV Albania’s email address: [email protected]


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